2018 and Historical CalPERS Medical Premiums

06-21-2017 |

CalPERS Board approves 2018 health plan premium rates

On June 21st, the CalPERS Board approved the 2018 health plan premium rates. 



CalPERS added a new Basic Plan HMO, Western Health Advantage, in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Other Northern California regions.  CalPERS also added a new Medicare supplement HMO, Anthem Traditional, for a one-year expansion.  CalPERS stated the combined weighted average increase for this year was 2.3% for the entire program, the lowest increase in about 20 years.

Basic Plans


Premium increases/decreases varied significantly by region and plan.  By region, Other Southern California generally saw the lowest increases; Sacramento region the highest increases.  By plan, the largest increases generally were for Health Net SmartCare and UnitedHealthCare.  Blue Shield Access+ and PERSCare generally decreased. 

Medicare Plans


Medicare HMO premiums increased between about 2% and 5%, while the PPO Medicare plan premiums decreased about 2%.

Here is a historical list of CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region:

PEMHCA Premium History

Here is a comparison of the 2017 and 2018 CalPERS medical premiums for contracting Public Agencies, by region: 
2018 PEMHCA Premiums


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