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04-27-2016 |

Topics include CalPERS changes, Reducing CalPERS Unfunded Liability or Rate Stabilization, OPEB Implied Subsidy, and GASB 68, 73, 74, and 75

The following are recent presentations by Bartel Associates speakers covering topics such as:

  • CalPERS changes and projected contribution rates
  • Options for reducing your CalPERS unfunded liability or rate stabilization
  • OPEB implied subsidy
  • GASB Statements 67, 68, 73, 74, and 75

Presentation by Doug Pryor at Central Valley 5/19/2016 CSMFO: "Overview of Upcoming Changes: CalPERS and GASB"

Presentation by John E. Bartel for the Public Retirement Journal: "Options to Pay Down the Unfunded Liability, OPEB, CalPERS Issues, etc."  3/24/2016 Public Retirement Journal

Webinar Presentation by Mary Beth Redding and Gail Beal (Keenan Financial Services).   "GASB 74 & 75 – Has the Other Shoe Dropped?"  3/23/16 - GASB 74 & 75 - Has the Other Shoe Dropped?    An audio recording of the Webinar is also available here: On-Demand Webinar: GASB 74&75

Presentation by John E. Bartel at CSMFO: "The OPEB Standard: An Actuarial Perspective"  3/3/2016 CSMFO - The OPEB Standard

Presentation by Rick Green (MGO), Mary Beth Redding, and Dennis Kauffman (City of Sacramento)  "Lessons Learned from GASB 68 Implementation and Planning for Next Year" 3/2/16 CSMFO - Lessons Learned from GASB 68 Implementation

Mary Beth Redding participated in a panel discussion on Pension Rate Stabilization at the State Association of County Auditors (SACA) Conference.  Download the presentation by Rob Larkins (Raymond James), Dennis Yu (PARS) and Ellen Clark (PFM Asset Management) 4/20/2016 SACA - Pension Funding Stabilization


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