Select GASB 67/68 Discount Rate Indices

09-04-2018 |

Selected GASB 67/68 Discount Rate Indices (20-year Aa Municipal Bonds)

A municipal bond rate is used under GASB 67 and 68 to determine the value of certain pension benefits. This chart updates several indices quarterly.

The discount rate determination is new under GASB 67 and 68, which govern pension accounting. When benefits are projected to not be paid by plan assets, a yield or index rate for 20-year, tax-exempt general obligation municipal bonds with an average rating of AA/Aa or higher must be used.

Bartel Associates created a webpage compiling up-to-date select quarterly rates, which may be helpful to your agency in determining the discount used for the accounting statements.

The graph in the webpage shows quarterly rates for select municipal bond indices that likely meet the GASB criteria. We do not endorse any particular index and suggest these are not the only possible indices that may be used as the discount rate under these new accounting standards.  Links to the indices are included.
Bartel Associates Select GASB 67/68 Discount Rate Indices Webpage


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