Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

03-23-2020 |

Links to relevant and useful information on the impact on agencies and the economy

Many employers are looking for information about COVID-19 and its impact on their agency as well as on the economy.  Here are some websites with links to relevant and useful information.

California’s Corovnavirus 2019 Resources for Employers and Workers  with health and safety guidelines for workers and employers, including a chart comparing disability insurance, paid family leave, unemployment insurance, paid sick leave, and workers’ compensation programs.

NAIC Corovanvirus Resource Center includes a list of articles on impact to markets and the economy.

American Academy of Actuaries Covid-19 Resources includes links to data trackers and projections as well as federal rules and guidance.

California’s Coronavirus response website  with California news.  Local Information links to each County’s coronavirus website.


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