2022 PEPRA Compensation Limits are $134,974 and $161,969

01-03-2022 |

CalPERS and CAAP publish limits for 2022.

The California Actuarial Advisory Panel (CAAP) issued a letter detailing its calculation of the 202​2 Compensation limits under PEPRA for New Members.  The limits are:

  • $1​34,​974 for New Members participating in Social Security
  • $1​61,​969 for New Members not covered by Social Security.

PEPRA, the California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 specified the method for calculating the compensation limits based on the initial value and subsequent CPI increases.

CAAP has calculated the limits for 2014 and later years since they believe a uniform limit across California public plans, without rounding differences, will ease administration.  However, the CAAP is an advisory organization only and its calculation of the limit is non-binding.

These limits apply to New Members: those who are first hired by a public employer in 2013 or later.  Individuals who move between agencies with, generally, more than a 6-month break are also New Members.

CalPERS Circular Letter#200-001-22 also explains the operation of compensation limits for PEPRA and Classic employees:
CalPERS Circular Letter with 2022 Compensation Limits 01-03-2022

CAAP Letter with 2022 Compensation Limits 11-02-2021
CAAP website

Brief Summary of PEPRA for CalPERS Agencies



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