100/90 Annuitant Contribution Rates for 2019 Approved by CalPERS - 6/20/18

06-26-2018 | CalPERS

At its June 2018 meeting, the CalPERS Board approved the 2019 PEMHCA 100/90 State Annuitant Rates

Here is a historical comparison of the CalPERS State 100/90 Annuitant contribution rates, including the new 2019 rates:
Historical CalPERS State Annuitant Rates

These employer contribution rates are known as the "100/90" rates.  For agencies following Section 22893 Vesting Rules, this is the required minimum employer contribution for an annuitant who is 100% vested.

The PEMHCA retiree health rules are outlined here:
PEMHCA Retiree Health Rules


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