We have worked with many California public agencies consulting on issues related to the CalPERS retirement system. This work covers a broad spectrum of retirement benefits issues, and often includes presentations to city councils, boards of directors, employee bargaining groups, or agency staff.  Our plain-language presentations help agencies' governing bodies understand the future direction of pension costs.

We are currently working to assist several agencies in their budgeting process by projecting the anticipated impact of CalPERS changes on contribution rates.  Our projects typically take into account:

  • Changes in CalPERS' contribution methodology
  • Changes in actuarial assumptions, including projected mortality improvement
  • Impact of lower future "PEPRA" and "Classic" formulas, including multiple tiers
  • Impact of CalPERS' new risk pools and resulting more complex budgeting
  • Use of rate stabilization funds including Section 115 Trust
Please contact us to find out more about contribution projections.

Some of our past projects are:

  • Pension Obligation Bond (POB) issues including cash flow analysis, stochastic modeling of likelihood of POB success or failure, and actuarial certifications for POB unfunded actuarial liabilities
  • Analysis of CalPERS rate stabilization, including use of Section 115 Trust, for various initial and ongoing budgeted contribution levels
  • Impact of one-time additional CalPERS contributions and/or shorter amortization periods on funded status and contribution volatility
  • Benefit improvement analysis including cost allocations for property tax issues
  • Asset-liability analysis including modeling stochastic confidence ranges for various funding criteria such as asset returns, contribution rates, and plan funded status
  • Projections of CalPERS contribution rates and related stochastic modeling
  • Cost impact studies of actuarial assumption changes
  • Plan review and design issues
  • Review of CalPERS calculations
  • Analysis of 2nd Tier and PEPRA formulas
  • Analyze impact of CalPERS changes in methodology and assumptions on employer contribution rates

The actuaries at Bartel Associates are experts at CalPERS retirement consulting. Contact Us to discuss your agency's needs.


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