Consulting Support

Some of the consulting projects completed by Bartel Associates are:

  • Provide independent advice to public agencies – independent of the system actuary or investment advisor
  • Support clients in the union negotiation process
  • Provide actuarial cost studies and testimony at public meetings to comply with Governmental Code Section 7507
  • Assist public agencies with redesigning existing retirement plans, and implement new retirement benefit programs
  • Calculate the value of benefit obligations for RDA employees and employees of outsourced services
  • Social Security replacement plans for part-time and temporary employees
  • Design of pension plans to meet PEMHCA eligibility requirements
  • IRS Section 415 limit actuarial testing
  • Analysis of plan changes or projected plan costs
  • Experience studies and review of experience studies
  • Presentations to Boards or other groups on new accounting rules (GASB 67/68) and California pension reform (PEPRA)
  • Help employers develop a funding policy

If these project types are a match for your public agency's needs, contacting us is easy (and no-obligation).


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