Retirement System Audits

Bartel Associates reviews:

  • Actuarial valuations for plan funding or accounting (GASB 67/68)
  • Experience studies
  • Actuarial assumptions
  • Actuarial methods
for state, county, and other agency retirement systems.

Generally, our actuarial audits of actuarial valuations will consist of an independent actuarial valuation replicating the valuation done by the Plan's actuary.  It can either be done after the original valuation is complete or in parallel with the original valuation.  We can base our valuation on member data provided by the Plan's actuary, or we can also audit the valuation data by developing participant data independently from information you provide.  We'll discuss the progress of the actuarial audit with you and attempt to reconcile differences with the Plan's actuary.  Finally, we will present a formal certified report to you and the appropriate Board.

Our actuarial assumption reviews can consider demographic and economic assumptions, as well as actuarial methods. We consider best practices as well as any applicable governmental or accounting requirements.

In reviewing actuarial methods and assumptions, we can review an existing actuarial experience study and comment on the conclusions of that study and the recommended actuarial assumptions to confirm that they are appropriate for your plan.  Alternatively, we can do an independent experience study, replicating the results of the experience study performed by the Plan's actuary.  As part of either process, we will review your Plan's benefits to be sure that all required actuarial assumptions have been addressed.  We will also consider whether the best predictor of future experience is the recent data included in the experience study results, or whether other external data should be taken into consideration when setting the actuarial assumptions.  Our findings will be presented in a formal, certified report, and discussed with you and the appropriate Board.

We've done audits for the public sector since 2003. Contact us if you need an actuarial audit performed for your agency's plans.


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